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Personal Walking Guides

By booking a Personal Walking Guide, you can choose where and when you walk, rather than being limited by our published walk schedule. For some walks, in addition to choosing the walk and the date, you can also pick your own start time, and even choose from a range of available start points.

All of our scheduled walks are also available via a Personal Walking Guide on days other than those on which they are already scheduled, but you also get access to a number of exclusive walks not available via our usual schedule.

For a small additional charge, we can also create a customised walk especially for you, allowing you to visit areas or specific places we do not normally include in our walks.

By combining several scheduled walks, Personal Walking Guide bookings and customised walks, you can even design your own personalised short break walking holiday.
What Walks Are Available?
You can make a Personal Walking Guide booking on a date of your own choosing for any of our normal scheduled walks, as listed here. Remember - You don't have to stick to the scheduled dates, and can request a booking on any date you choose as long as we have a guide available for that date.

You can also book any of the exclusive walks that are only available by booking a Personal Walking Guide, details of which can be found here.

Details of how to book a customised walk can be found here.

When Are Personal Walking Guides Available?
Personal walking guides may be booked at any time of year except for our Christmas break period, other staff holidays, or while we are busy with other committments. However, some walks do not take place from December to late March due to the possibilty of bad weather, insufficient light, or other factors beyond our control.

While the table gives a general guide, please see the individual walk pages for details of exactly when each walk is available. Please note that, due to the limited number of guides available, we may not be able to accept a Personal Walking Guide booking if we have already received bookings for a scheduled walk on the same day.

Walk Availability
Full-day walks Mon, some Tues, Wed, some Thurs, most Sat, some Sun
Half-day walks Mon, some Tues, Wed, some Thurs, most Sat, some Sun
Rural Rambles Please see the individual walk pages
Can We Change The Start Time Of Our Walk?
For many walks, you can choose what time you would like to start the walk. This allows you to start at a time that is most convenient to you.

Please note that there are some limitations on the available start times for most walks, mainly due to the timing of public transport or the need to finish the walk before it gets dark. These limitations are detailed on the individual walk pages. If you have any questions about possible start times, please contact us for more information.

Are There Any Limits On Group Size?
The normal maximum group size for a Personal Walking Guide booking is 10 people (a maximum of 6 for the Cromford Canal walk due to restricted space on the canal towpath). However, on some of the walks, it is possible to accomodate groups of up to 30 people. If you wish to book a walk for a group of over 10 people, please contact us well in advance to discuss your requirements as some minor adjustments to the route of the walk may be needed, or alternative start and finish points organised that are suitable for private coaches.

How Much Does A Booking Cost?
The cost of a Personal Walking Guide booking is a flat fee per group, rather than a set rate per person. For a half-day walk for a group of up to 10 people, this fee is 60.00* per group. For a full-day walk for up to 10 people, the fee is 100.00. For larger groups of 11 or more, the fee increases to 90.00 for a half-day walk, or 150.00 for a full-day walk. For larger groups, booking a Personal Walking Guide can actually be much cheaper than a standard booking onto one of our normal scheduled walks. The cost of any Personal Walking Guide booking includes a 15% non-refundable deposit. (* Lower rates apply on some walks.)
Are There Any Discounts Available?
Yes - If you book 3 or more days, your booking will qualify for our 5% discount on multiple bookings. Your booking can also qualify for the 10% discount for bookings made via registered charities or unions. For full details of our special offers, please click here. (Link opens in a new window.)

How To Book A Personal Walking Guide
To book a Personal Walking Guide, first check that the walk you would like to book is available on the day in question, as not every walk is available all of the time. Then check the Walking Calendar below to see if we have a guide available on the date you wish to book. If we do not have a guide available, this will be indicated by either "unavailable" or "unavailable for private bookings" on the calendar. If the walk is available and we have a guide available, then simply e-mail us to request a booking. Please include the following information in your e-mail:
  • Name of walk.
  • Date you would like to book (plus alternatives if required).
  • Number of places required.
  • Start time required (see walk information pages for available options).
  • Start/end location if different from standard (again, see walk information pages for options).
  • Contact name, address, e-mail and phone number (mobile if possible).
  • Where you will be staying if visiting the area from elsewhere.
We will usually respond to your e-mail within 24 to 48 hours to confirm if we are able to accept your booking. If we are able to accept your booking, we will also include information on how to pay for your booking securely via PayPal. If you are unable to use PayPal, we can arrange alternative payment methods such as by cheque. Once we have received cleared payment for your booking, we will then e-mail your booking confirmation and all other information you require concerning your booking. Due to the time required to process your booking, please book at least 72 hours in advance, but the further ahead you can book, the more chance you have of getting the date you desire.

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