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Free Self-guided Walks

The county of Derbyshire contains many great walks, far too many for us to run them all as guide-led walks. On this page, you can find lots of walks to download for FREE. Just download the directions, get the map(s) you may need (not all walks need a map), and follow the instructions for a great morning, afternoon, or even full day walking through the beautiful scenery and fascinating history of Derbyshire. Many of the shorter walks can be combined with one of our guide-led walks, which you can book online elsewhere on this website. Where this is possible, the individual free walk download pages give you suggestions as to which guide-led walk or walks you could book.

Walks Around Bakewell

Bakewell History Walk (1.5 miles)

Walks Around Belper
Belper and The Chevin (6 miles)
Belper to Cromford via Alport Stone (9.5 miles)

Walks Around Cromford
Cromford Station to Riber Castle Circular (6 miles)
Cromford Wharf to Riber Castle Circular (7 miles)
Cromford Wharf to Black Rocks Circular (6 miles)


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