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Guided Walking Holidays

Plan your own short break guided walking holiday in Derbyshire and the Peak District with Derbyshire Heritage Walks. Instead of having set accommodation and a fixed itinerary, you can pick your own accommodation, decide which days you want to walk, and where you want to go.

With our guided walking holidays, you choose and book your own accommodation, arrange your own travel by whatever means you prefer, decide which days you want to walk and where, and then simply book your guided walks with us on the days you want. This gives you the flexibility to fit your walks around other things you may want to do while in the area, such as visiting the many museums and other attractions to be found all around Derbyshire.

Most of our guided walks are available year round, and offer a great way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Derbyshire and the Peak District National Park. Many also offer the chance to learn about the often world-changing history of the area and some of the interesting characters involved. With over 25 years experience of leading guided walks around the area, our guides know all of the best places, the most interesting stories, and really can bring the story of Derbyshire and the Peak District to life.

The majority of our walks are easily accessible by public transport from many of the towns and cities surrounding the Peak District, making them ideal for those concerned about the environmental impact of their holiday.

If we don't have a walk that matches what you are looking for, we may be able to adapt one of our existing walks, or even design a custom walk especially for you.

How To Create Your Guided Walking Holiday

  • Join any of our regular scheduled guided walks (available most days each month)
  • Upgrade a scheduled walk to a private booking
  • Book your own personal walking guide, which gives you greater flexibility of when and where to walk, plus access to some exclusive walks not on our usual schedule

You can create your own customised walking holiday by either booking places on our regular scheduled walks, upgrading any of our scheduled walks to a private booking, or by booking your own personal walking guide. You can also combine bookings for our scheduled walks on some days with upgrades to private walks or booking a personal walking guide on other days, giving you great flexibility in where and when you walk. If you book a personal walking guide, it also gives you access to a number of walks that are not included in our normal scheduled walks.

You can find details of the exclusive walks a personal walking guide gives you access to here. The dates of our normal scheduled walks are given on the walking calendar below, while the cost of each walk is listed here, along with information on how to upgrade scheduled walks to private bookings.

The cost of booking a personal walking guide for groups of up to 10 people is 100.00 per group per day for full day walks, and 60.00 per group per day for half day walks. For larger groups, the cost is 150.00 per day for full day walks, and 90.00 per day for half day walks. Please note that some walks have a maximum group size of between 6 and 10 people.

As you can split the cost of booking a personal walking guide between all members of your group, this can actually be cheaper than making a normal booking for a scheduled walk. For example, if a group of five people book a personal walking guide for a full day walk, the cost will be just 20 each, which is less than the cost of a scheduled booking for some of our walks. At 100 per day, the price you pay is also 30 less than our closest competitor, and less than 30% of what some other walking companies charge for a similar service!

If you would like to book a walking holiday with us, please contact us to enquire as to the availability of your planned dates. While we cannot book accommodation or travel for you, we can advise you on your options, so please don't hesitate to contact us before booking if you need any advice as to the best place to stay for your planned walks or how to get to and from the walks. Due to the time needed to arrange and confirm your bookings, please contact us at least 7 days ahead of the intended start of your booking, but the further ahead you can contact us, the better. If you would like us to create a custom walk for you, please contact us at least 28 days ahead to allow time for us to research possible routes.

Fixed Itinerary Guided Walking Holidays

If you would prefer someone else to do the planning for you, we offer a small number of four and five-day fixed itinerary guided walking breaks. Each itinerary includes at least three full-day walks, and each five-day break includes a free day for you to explore the area on your own, go shopping in one of the surrounding towns and cities, or just take it easy.

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