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Belper and The Chevin

This walk begins in the heart of the former historic mill town of Belper, before heading out across the riverside fields to the west of the town and on to the nearby village of Milford. It then climbs up onto the ridge of The Chevin, which gives broad views across the valley below. On the way, it passes an enigmatic stone tower from the early days of the railways, and follows one of the earliest routes in the area. It returns to Belper via two of the farms built by the Strutt family to provide food for their mill workers.

Distance: 6 miles.
Time required: 3 to 3.5 hours.
Difficulty: Easy One short steep climb and some other hills.
Map(s): OS Explorer 259 Derby, Uttoxeter, Ashbourne & Cheadle.

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Belper's Lost Industries

This 2.8-mile walk around Belper looks at the various lost industries of the world's first cotton mill town. These include not just some of the earliest cotton mills, but also hosiery, confectionery, chemicals and engineering, including a surprising connection to one of the most famous aerospace companies in the world.

Price: 5.00 per person.
Belper's Wartime Secret

During the Second World War, Belper played an important but highly secret part in the British war effort which, if discovered, would have made the town a prime target for German bombing. This 3.5-mile walk tells the story of that secret, and the other little-known contributions that the town made to the eventual Allied victory.

Price: 5.00 per person.
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