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Cromford Wharf to Riber Castle Circular Walk

This circular walk takes in a number of interesting parts of the Cromford and Matlock bath area. It begins with the Cromford Canal, High Peak Junction and Leawood Pumphouse. From there, it heads to the world’s oldest factory still in use, before heading up through woods to the hills above the valley. There, it visits one of the area’s most prominent landmarks, offering fine views across the town of Matlock, before dropping back down into the valley to follow the road back to Cromford.

Distance: 7 miles.
Time required: 3 to 4 hours.
Difficulty: Moderate - Some steep hills. A chance of mud in places.
Map(s): OS Explorer OL24 - The Peak District: White Peak Area.

If you are looking at making a day of your trip to the Cromford area, why not combine this walk with one of our guide-led walks? Each walk is led by an experienced guide, and prices start at just £6.00 per person.
Cromford - Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution

This two-mile walk shows you all of the most interesting areas of the historic mill village of Cromford, where inventor Richard Arkwright set up his pioneering cotton mills that started the Industrial Revolution. The walk ends at the gates of Cromford Mill, where you can take a tour of the site led by a guide from the Arkwright Society, or just wander around and visit the shops.

Price: £6.00 per person.
See here for all of our scheduled guide-led walks, and here for all of our other walks available via a personal walking guide booking.

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