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Five Wells Neolithic Chambered Tomb
Located right in the centre of England, the county of Derbyshire contains some of the finest walking terrain in the whole of the United Kingdom. Much of this is to be found within the Peak District National Park, which covers large areas of the north of the county and contains a varied mix of deep limestone dales, high gritstone peaks and wild moors.

Derbyshire is also a county of industry and innovation, with the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site celebrating the area's importance as the true birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.

Based in the heart of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site, Derbyshire Heritage Walks offers guided day walks and short break walking holidays for small groups around Derbyshire and the Peak District. With over 25 years experience of leading guided walks around the World Heritage Site, and over 30 years experience of walking the Peak District, Derbyshire Heritage Walks are experts in the history and heritage of the area.

Why you should book a guided walk with Derbyshire Heritage Walks:
  • Each walk is led by a guide with over 25 years experience of leading guided walks in the area.
  • Most of our walks are easily accessible by public transport.
  • No specialist equipment needed - All you need is a good pair of boots and some waterproofs (just in case it rains).
  • Small groups sizes, so you can walk at your own pace.
  • Half-day scheduled walks available all year. Full-day scheduled walks available February to November.
  • Most walks can be booked privately at any time of year (although some are only available at certain times).
  • If you book a private walk, we can tailor it to your specific requirements.
  • Special discounted rates available for families and large groups.
  • Discounts also available for booking two or more walks at the same time.

Cromford Mill - The world's first factory
Guided Walks
Derbyshire Heritage Walks is the only organisation currently offering regular guided walks throughout Derbyshire with a dedicated history theme. Each of the walks is led by a guide who is a published writer and photographer and has over 25 years experience of leading history-based guided walks and tours in the area.

We run scheduled full-day walks from early February to the end of November. We also run scheduled half-day walks throughout the year, with just a short break for Christmas and New Year, plus another short break for staff holidays. Details of all our available walks can be found here.


Many of our walks use established roads, tracks, footpaths, old railway trackbeds and canal towpaths, making them suitable for walkers of all ages and ability levels. It also means that you won't need any expensive walking gear - just a good pair of walking boots, waterproofs, and a small rucksack for the longer walks.

We also look where possible to make our walks accessible to those who may have mobility issues. While this is not always possible, some of our walks can accommodate wheelchair users, and the individual walk pages all contain information on accessibility.


Some of our walks are suitable for dogs, although we do ask that you inform us before the walk and keep your dog on a short lead at all times. The individual walk pages all contain information on suitability for dogs.

Family & Group Rates

For most of our scheduled walks, in addition to the normal "per person" cost, we also offer special discounted family rates. These are based on a group of either one or two adults, accompanied by up to three children aged 15 years or below. Also, for groups of 9 or more people, we offer a discounted "per person" cost for the booking, which allows you to save around 20% or more on the cost of a booking. See the individual walk pages for full details of the family and group rates.

Monsal Dale
Private Bookings

  • Walk when you want to, not when our schedule says you have to.
  • Upgrade a scheduled walk to a private booking and get the exclusive services of your guide.
  • Book a Personal Walking Guide and get access to a range of exclusive walks.
  • For some walks, you can even change the start and finish point to better suit your own circumstances.

It is also possible to make private bookings for all of our walks, even on dates when we already have a walk scheduled. You can either upgrade any of our scheduled walks to a private booking, or book a Personal Walking Guide on a date of your own choosing.

Booking a Personal Walking Guide not only allows you to pick the date of your walk to suit you, but also gives you access to a number of walks not available on our normal schedule. You can find details of these exclusive walks here.

Personal Walking Guides can be booked at any time of the year, although some walks may not be practical during the winter months on safety grounds or for other reasons beyond our control. We can accept Personal Walking Guide bookings for any date except those shown as "unavailable" or "unavailable for private bookings" on the Walking Calendar below. This applies even if a scheduled walk is also listed for the date in question.

While our scheduled walks have a normal maximum group size of between 6 and 8 people, this can usually be increased for most private bookings, and it is possible to accommodate larger groups of up to 20 or 30 people on some of the walks. For many walks, a private booking also allows you to pick your own start time. Please see here for more information on upgrading a scheduled walk to a private booking, and here for information on booking a Personal Walking Guide.

Private Walking Holidays
You can also plan your own personalised short break guided walking holiday in Derbyshire and the Peak District with Derbyshire Heritage Walks.

By booking a Personal Walking Guide, or combining booking a Personal Walking Guide with bookings for our normal scheduled walks or upgrading scheduled walks to private bookings, you can devise your own holiday itinerary and walk when you want to, not when anybody else says you have to. All you need to do is book the walks you want to do, and then arrange your own accommodation and travel to suit.

Details of how to create your own personalised walking holiday can be found here.

Robin Hood's Stride
Fixed Itinerary Walking Holidays

For those who prefer to let others do the planning for them, we also offer a number of 4 or 5 day fixed itinerary walking holidays. With these holidays, just pick the area where you would like to walk and the start date when you would like to do it, book your own accommodation and travel to suit, and let us show you the best walks around the area. Details of our fixed itinerary walks can be found here.

Free Walking Guide Downloads

As Derbyshire has so many great walking routes, there's no way we can lead guided walks along all of them. So, to help you enjoy the area as much as possible, we create and publish a range of self-guided walks that you can download and follow in your own time.

All of the walks come as easy to use PDF files for you to print or upload to your tablet or smartphone, and all include full directions for the walk, plus plenty of historical background and other interesting information. And the best thing is that they are all FREE! You can find the index of all the walk guides we currently have available here.

Special Offers

Save 5% When You Book 3 Or More Walks At The Same Time

If you book three or more walks at the same time, either normal scheduled walks, upgrading a scheduled walk to a private booking, or booking a private walk on a date of your own choosing, we can offer a 5% discount on the cost of each walk booking.

Save 10% On Private Walks Booked Via Registered Charities, Trade Unions or NUS

If you are making a private walk booking for a group of 11 or more, you can save 10% on the total cost if you are booking for a registered charity or a trade union branch (including NUS). This saving can be on top of the multiple walk booking discount, saving up to an incredible 15% on the cost of your bookings.

The "Cromford Double" - Save 25% On Combined Cromford Village And Canal Walks

Save 3.00 per person when you book a morning walk around Cromford Village followed by an afternoon walk along the Cromford Canal. That's a saving of 25% compared to the cost of booking both separately.

For details of our special offers, please click here.
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Derbyshire Scenes is the photographic arm of Derbyshire Heritage Walks. In addition to being an experienced historian and guide, Adrian Brown, founder and owner of Derbyshire Heritage Walks, is also a photographer of many years experience.

The Derbyshire Heritage Walks website contains many examples of Adrian's work, and he has now decided to offer a selection of his best photographs for sale via the website in a range of sizes from small postcard-sized prints up to poster-sized canvases. Visit the Derbyshire Scenes pages to view the selection of pictures, size options and prices.

Our Other Services

Adrian Brown of Derbyshire Heritage Walks is also available as a media spokesperson or specialist adviser on a range of history and heritage-related subjects. Topics on which he can speak include the railways of the Peak District, cotton spinning in the Derwent Valley, and the industries of Belper.

Our Environmental Mission

One very important consideration for us as a business is minimising the environmental impact of our activities. The high visitor numbers using the Peak District National Park places a high stress on the landscape, and has already caused quite significant damage to some areas.

To minimise the environmental impact on the Peak District landscape, and on the wider countryside too, we try wherever possible to make both the start and end points of our walks easily accessible by public transport, and encourage our customers to use public transport where practical. By doing this, we hope we are doing our own small part in helping to reduce the traffic on the already crowded Peak District roads and cut CO2 emissions. It may not be a huge reduction in either but, to borrow a phrase from a certain well-known supermarket, every little helps.

In addition to encouraging the use of public transport, we also work to reduce our environmental impact by being as paperless an organisation as we realistically can be. To this end, we use electonic communication and payment methods wherever possible, accepting payments for our walks via PayPal and sending all booking confirmations and associated paperwork by e-mail. We can where required send conventional printed paperwork by post, although we do prefer not to if at all possible.

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