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How To Contact Us


By far the best way to contact Derbyshire Heritage Walks, and our prefered means of contact, is via e-mail at When we receive your e-mail, we will endevour to reply within 24 hours, even if only to acknowledge receipt and let you know that we are aware of your enquiry. Please note that if you require detailed information, especially about customised private tours, this may take some time to compile. As a result, full replies to these kinds of enquiries may take a while, especially during busy periods for us.


People sometimes contact us saying that we haven't replied to their e-mail enquiry. We always strive to reply to your e-mail within a couple of days, even during our busiest periods. Usually, if you think you haven't received a reply from us, it is because your e-mail system is set up to route all e-mails from unknown addresses and those not on your "safe list" to your junk mail folder. To avoid this happening, please keep a close eye on your junk mail folder or add to your safe list.


If you would prefer to write to us instead, you can do so at the following address:

Adrian Brown (DHW)
8 Laund Close
DE56 1ET

Social Media

You can also contact us via either our Facebook page or Twitter account.

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