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On March 12th, due to the constantly evolving situation concerning the Covid-19/coronavirus pandemic, we decided to suspend all walks until at least April 19th. Although the official government guidelines released on March 23rd enforcing the closure of many businesses and other locations until at least April 13th do appear to permit us to continue to offer walks, provided that proper social distancing is enforced, we have decided to continue with the suspension of walks until at least April 19th.

As a socially responsible company, we are not willing to risk exposing our customers, staff, their families, friends and neighbours to a serious infection that could have signifcant health implications for them. Even following the guidelines on social distancing and handwashing on the walks, a significant risk still exists for both our customers and staff due to the need to use public transport to access many of our walks.

We are constantly monitoring the situation, and may have to extend the cancellation period by several weeks depending upon how the disease progresses. Information about any changes will be posted here as soon as the need for those changes becomes apparent.

All customers who have walks booked for the period up to April 19th have the option of either rescheduling their booking to a later date or cancelling their booking entirely and receiving a full refund including their deposit. We would prefer if possible that you reschedule to a later date, as all bookings paid for via PayPal are subject to a transaction charge, and this is not refunded to us when you cancel. This means that for each cancelled booking we lose money that, as a small local business, we really need in these tough times. Walk dates for the period up to the end of June 2020 are already listed, and we will be adding further dates to the end of the year as soon as possible.

We have also been informed that, as of March 25th, the photographic lab that we use for producing the Derbyshire Scenes photographs has temporarily shut down. As we do not hold large stocks of prints, this means that effective immediately we are also suspending all sales via the Derbyshire Scenes photography section of our website.

At present, Pooneil Corners T-shirts is still very much active and ready to serve you for as long as possible. So please drop by the Pooneil Corners website and help support small local businesses through the toughest times any of them have had to face for almost a century.

Everybody please stay safe, keep washing your hands, don't panic buy, shop local, and remember to keep a check on your vulnerable neighbours.


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