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On March 12th, due to the constantly evolving situation concerning the Covid-19/coronavirus pandemic, we decided to suspend all walks until at least April 19th. With the further extension of the national lockdown announced on April 16th, we extended that suspension until at least May 24th.

Now that the regulations have begun to be eased, it is possible for us to begin to offer walks again, subject to a number of limitations. The main changes we have made are as follows:

  • In order to comply with the current regulations and their limit on social contact, we can only offer a maximum of five places on each of our walks, and all of those people MUST reside in the same household.
  • Prior to the start of each walk, all customers will have their temperature checked.
  • The guide will avoid physical contact with customers unless required in an emergency situation.
  • Social distancing of 2 metres distance will be maintained on all walks whenever possible.
  • As this may not be possible in all instances, we strongly recommend that all customers bring a face mask or other facial covering with them to use where social distancing may not be possible due to restricted width of paths, etc. Face masks may also be necessary to access facilities such as public toilets.
  • We also recommend that customers bring their own hand sanitiser with them, and use it each time after touching gates, stiles, etc. While the guide will be carrying hand sanitiser with them, it is much more convenient, and interupts the flow of the walk less, if everyone has their own bottle.
  • On our urban walks, where the guide spends much more time face-to-face with customers, and it is sometimes harder to maintain social distancing of 2 metres, the guide will wear a clear face shield at all times. Not only is this more comfortable for the guide than wearing a mask, it also means that their mouth is clearly visible to anyone who needs to lip-read.
  • In a break with our usual policy of encouraging the use of public transport in order to minimise environmental damage, we are temporarily recommending that people use private cars or other personal transportation in order to minimise the possibility of spreading the virus through close contact on public transport.
  • To make it easier for people to drive to and from the walk in their own vehicle, we have extended the route of the Ashford-in-the-Water to Bakewell via Lathkill Dale walk so that it both starts and ends in Bakewell.
  • Due to coronavirus-related operational difficulties, we have temporarily suspended the Industries of Monsal and Miller's Dales walk.

Thanks to the changes we have made, we have been granted the Visit England "We're Good To Go" mark. This means you can have confidence that we are following the current government and industry guidelines regarding Covid-19, and are subject to random checks to make sure that we are complying with the guidelines.

Please note that all walk dates should be regarded as provisional, and there is the possibility that some may need to be cancelled at short notice if a local lockdown is imposed on the area concerned. Therefore, before booking, please contact us via e-mail and we will be able to inform you if we believe that the walk in question will actually be able to go ahead on the date advertised.

If a walk does have to be cancelled due to a local lockdown, you will have the option of rescheduling to another date, transfering your booking to another walk, or cancelling and receiving a full refund including your deposit. We would prefer if possible that you reschedule to a later date or transfer your booking to another walk. This is because all bookings paid for via PayPal are subject to a transaction charge, and this is not refunded to us when you cancel. This means that for each cancelled booking we lose money that, as a small local business, we really need in these tough times.

Away from the walks, Derbyshire Scenes photography and Pooneil Corners T-shirts are both still very much active and ready to serve you. However, the photographic lab that we use for producing the Derbyshire Scenes photographs is working very restricted hours on a skeleton staffing level, and can only provide standard prints up to 18" x 12" in size. As we do not hold large stocks of prints, this means that effective immediately we can only supply standard prints up to that size, and it may take much longer than usual to fulfil orders.

So please take a look at the available walk dates, and drop by the Derbyshire Scenes and Pooneil Corners websites, and help support small local businesses through the toughest times any of them have had to face for almost a century.

And remember the government advice to stay alert because, as Spike Milligan once reminded us, this country needs more lerts...

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